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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by xScar, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. can u add HDH elem on the shop for donations?
    or any good elem that will not expire:bk:
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. if you put elem that will not expire... people will not donate anymore... without donation... the server can't stay alive...
  4. lol wtf is this
    if they put ele that will not expire
    i woulda donate soon they put it and i will never donate again
  5. -10000000000000000000000 , you know 1 of HDH elem which has 30% atk 5% vampire , if the one who bought that HDH elem 2 pcs , it means 10% life steal . well, if hes a mage , it means 50% Blood , 10% Life steal , 20% from council armor , hes undying >:D
  6. You know, our donation eles are way more op than hdh ones. =o
  7. lol... donors elems give 20% live steal if you use all of its sets...
  8. are you on now? im still waiting for you in cora. >.<

    @topic nah, should much fun obtaining it on HDH but sadly the boss are too OP. =o
  9. Can't play man, lagging so badly over here. =o Have to wait until i got back to the U.S. D:

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