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    Hello again!
    CMD here I'm going to make a video again,
    but this time its more of a trailer!
    i need help from you guys to promote this RF...
    i want a point of view of all race in WAR and in HQ.
    if willing to help send me a 1min video of you on your GUNNER or MAU with many people behind you must take the video on ALT + H.

    i prefer if you can do this!
    1. gunner while on siege killed an enemy and turn the camera around you foot to head.
    2. (3pcs of mau) while on mau walk from left to right in HQ and in war same position so when cut its look continous.
    3. with your race walk towards the enemy race!

    benefits? currently none, only your char will be featured on video and we can promote rf.
    I promise to do my best ^_^
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. very good project bro. lemme see. ill record any moments. well i cant guarantee it will be nice but i love to join this awesome creativity.
    nb: since i just life on bell side. so ill make a record on only in my side. thanks. and keep move on. ill send to you link of video base on youtube asap.
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  4. thank you bro thats what i need ^_^ ...
    have you watch transformers can u do a walking mau hehehe let me do the effects i just want the shot ^_^

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