how to unseal this "sealed charm" ??

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  1. how to unseal this one...,
    and is it true it will be permanent charm ?? :bb:


    i'm sry if I post @ wrong section...
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. I will just quote someone else's work:

    So i finally figured out how to unseal charms and here's what i've gathered. You'll need the following combination at Hero NPC:

    1x Sealed Charm/Generator
    10x Blue Powder
    99x Excelsior
    1Mil race currency

    Now each charm needs a specific excelsior color, the following colors are only likely and not guaranteed to work, unless its been comfirmed by someone.

    Sprint charm: Purple Excelsior
    Recovery charm: Red Excelsior (from Malebox:p)
    Clairvoyance charm: White Excelsior*
    Leader's charm: Blue Excelsior*
    Burst generator: Green Excelsior*
    Project generator: Brown Excelsior*
    Aggressive generator: Yellow Excelsior*

    The charm/generator still has a rental period of 5 days (i don't know why) so it might be wise to unseal it when you actually want to use it for the 5 day rental period. It's still not tradable and you cant sell it.

    Good luck and i hope this helps.

    *excelsior colors have not been tested and/or comfirmed.

    As far as i know i'm the first to figure this out (even before the gm), i've posted this info elsewhere and i don't care if anyone uses this info however they want, wherever they want, whenever they want.

    Author is WickedTrap of another server.
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    ty i'll try it..., still finding materials (99pcs exelsior T_T).....
  5. Where to get those charm?
  6. i think i got it from turncoat @ sette...
  7. and i know who is wickedTrap
  8. not working i try all types of excelsior from A to C and pieces.... :ao:
  9. have you tried farming excelsior at elf. not type ABC. just normal excelsio. if you know what i mean
  10. You need excelsior pieces, not the excelsiors themself.

    the pieces can be obtained from green elves in elf land.
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    hayzz (from my 1st quote)-----> not working i try all types of excelsior from A to C and pieces:ce::bb:....
  12. i used to hunt those before they do expired like any other charms
  13. It's work..
    Sealed charm or broken gen
    10 blue powder
    99 excel piece

    Sprint - purple
    Claivoyance - white
    Leader - blue
    Burst - green
    Perfect - brown
    Aggresive - yellow
  14. ah oki, so useless to make sealed charms.:an:

  15. ​ooohh.. Must 99 pieces + 10 blue powder + broken / sealed charm

    .. Go to hero then pay 100k
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    I already follow all the given instructions. but the hero always says (item combination are incorrect)

    99pieces purple excelsior + 10pcs blue powder + 100m + 1 sprint charm (bought at npc) = item combination are incorrect
  17. its because you use the sprint charms at the npc.. you're supposed to use the SEALED SPRINT CHARMS just like the one at the screenshot by the topic starter.. this step is meant to unseal the SEALED charms and not to make the charms permanent.
  18. --a, ty 4 ur info..., i wont make it, prefer buy it...^^

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