(idea and suggestion) add talic drop at low chance in VC

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Add keen and favor talics to VC at low drop chance?

  1. yes!

  2. no!

  1. If talic (keen and favor) drops are added at low chance in VC this would give incentive to losing races to keep playing when they lose the war. As it stands at the moment the races that lose the war are jus ....dead and quiet.... server feels empty but when war starts everyone comes out. so its only fun for 2 hours and then everyone afk until next war zZzzzZZZzzzzz bring back pvp =)
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Im not..
    I will change game balance..
    Event me as an accretian who facing hard season..

    Before u want to bring back pvp u have to know if we have to make WAR more fun..

    This condition is enough..
    MC already easy to get..

    But every people have to war to mine talics..
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  4. as it is right now if ur race loses the war every one just logs out. its not even fun for the wining side just afk mine ore.
  5. I think RF about pvp and war..
    If talics dropped in mobs also..

    To many farm and pvp spots..
    Which mean..
    If i cant farm MC just go talic..
    If i cant farm talic just go MC..

    Even spreading MC B and MC C in 2 spot make less pvp..
    Because of less player in RFO also.

    If you make talics again..
    No pvp..

    Even what happen today..
    There are no PVP.
    But askin councils for repeling..
    Then u know what happen if councils repelling..
    To easy to die..
  6. When i was suggest that mc still drop at mining and talic drop at monster, almost some says no then i will vote this as no
  7. we are the losing race now. But we still manage to farm talics. through PB. but yet its kinda good idea.
    If it will be proven its a great privileged to all of us. But though if not well its still okay for us.
    Most of coras nowadays are united by helping a hand to each other letting other players borrow what they need as long as its farmable.
  8. nice to hear it from cora..
    make me wanna RT or build at cora.. :D
  9. We are welcoming anybody Returnee reroller or newbie everyone are welcome to our race.
    Ask and being answered ask help and will be helped.
  10. i would agree for mobs to drop talics but i suggest mobs in crag mine
    if in VC, youre putting all loots in 1 spot how about newbies
  11. still not satisfied with the previous changes?

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  12. This is why i was suggesting that talics drops @ mobs, not mc drops @ mobs. Mc must be the one which hard to gather not the talics, because per type mc abcs u only needs 1 stack each to upgrade weapons/armors but talics needs continously each when u upgrade weapons/armors (keen 20+40+60+80 = 200 pcs) / (favor 20+40+60 = 120 pcs). You want more update for talics drops @ mobs with very low drop rate? Then again when talics really hard to gather which is very low drop rate u want more update again for more drop rate? U are already destroying the game slowly but painfully.
  13. Even if this suggestion going to be applied, there will be a bunch of retarded people that going to complaint about the update and how "hard" to farm. It's not the game that need to be fixed but the people whose playing that need some reconfiguration in their brains and their mental
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  14. Just bring back restoration talic in shop.. or this game will die forever.. thank you.
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  15. No need lah.. keep be patient.. how weak you are hoping talic..

  16. agree with this bring back the restoration talic
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