I'm Back to have some fun!

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    Its been years , and I didnt think im going back to play RFO again.. maybe im just bored..
    Hi everyone miss you all ! ^_^ I wonder which race I'm going to support....

    BTW..GOLTEB PM me if your still around.. are you still in cora? or back to bells ? ^_^

    FYI: to those newbies.. welcome to RFO ^_^ I'm very excited to PVP with you all..
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Support acc since we are reigning/ defending champion target of this server since feb this year
  4. hmmm.. ill observe for now .. depends with the donate items =) hope theres new items since last time i played...
  5. Hi, Welcome back! It's good to see another oldie player back to the server, I think it would great if you attach your IGN so that we can recognize you.
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  6. damn hahaha laughtrip on that OLDIE ^_____^ player hahahahahahha
  7. Yo what’s up? Who might you be if i may ask?
  8. Don't mind it, it's my way/term of addressing old/senior Player.
  9. yeah hahaha..

    By the way. may we know who you are kuya?
    Hope we can have a good game. make a best pick.

    betweek ACC BCC and CCC.
  10. Go CCC and have Fun bro ^_^

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