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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by cffntdsht, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Good day,

    Firstly, I am really sorry I was not an active council of bell's race.I really tried to online every night and morning cw. I fully accept the consequences that GM's will be given to me.(as of now, I'm actually banned) It was really my fault. I'm really sorry.

    Second, can you give me this remaining 2 days of the week to play for my race, after that you can ban me again. I want to fully help my race this coming weekends. after that you can ban my account again. Just give this 2 days, that's all I request.

    Looking forward to allow me to play for my race.

    does the 720 days, is really 720 days? or is it hours?
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

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  3. 720hours I think or 3days. is it your first offense?
  4. Not needed. You're always inactive. We need RB the most when in war. But you never become online. NEXTTIME DONT RUN IF YOU ARE NOT ACTIVE.
  5. 120 = 1 week
    720 = 1 month
    99999999999999999999999 = perma lol
    ps. correct me if im wrong

  6. 720 is quite long. Hahahaha! That's gonna make you quit. LOL
  7. 120 = 5 days. Pfft
  8. really sidd? "But you never become online. you really use "never"?
  9. Yup. I've never seen you in war. Maybe once I did. After that, nothing follows
  10. no its not long. and it would not made me quit bro. Its just like I'm in Haitus
    --- Post updated ---
    You've never been online on morning cw bro. so don't accused me of never online and seened once.
    --- Post updated ---
    If you reffering as 1st offense as council, yes it is.

  11. I saw him attending 6am cw.

    Ahh ok. i tot 1st offense is only for 3days?
  12. It is only hours,. I guess its not the GMs approval that you need to asked those people of bells is the one you habe to ask cause its not also there fault that you aint active for them.. face the consequences and i think its fair enoughto ban you for couple days..

    Atleast if you have any problem personally do not run.. Give your race leader a reason for you not to attend wars... or us GMs..
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  13. UPDATE:
    as I've read the election rules made by Selfish me, the first offense is 7 Days,

    Hello, please check my ban period it was my first offense, and its was already 30days ban, there's a thread that if, 1st offense, it states that its only 7 days ban.

  14. Then why are you banned, not me? Explain.
  15. I don't need to explain, you can read bro and its already stated on this thread. And stop being so arrogant player, Be humble.
  16. And stop being such a child. :)
  17. Get a life, brother.
  18. I have a life and you don't. You student child :)
  19. if this really is your first offense then this is sad, hope the gm who banned you will reconsider it and change the 30 days to 7 days only.

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