[Incentives Event] Post your proofs here.

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  1. IGN: cmd
    race: cora

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  3. IGN: Febres
    RACE: Cora
    event prize : send to CrowFeet
    thanks GM Ace
  4. IGN>>1478803613
  5. IGN: OneTrueDad
    Race: Bellato


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  6. Ign LadyInBath belatto
  7. ing:xShirayuki

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  8. I don't see any image can you please resend or re-post it here? I am about to submit the prizes to @TRON so you all can receive it.
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    ign - AvionX
    race - bellato


  10. I am giving [Malboro]Pink until tomorrow 12NN PH TIME to submit his screenshot whoever knows this guy please inform him to submit his proof. Failure to do so will result to prize cancellation. @TRON
  11. Hi GM,Did [Malboro]Pink uploaded the photo?He has problem uploading the photo here as what he have said in our in-game conversation..
  12. No. Okay, once again. Please tell him to submit the image to me. I am giving him 4 hours to do it.

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