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  1. Hello!
    I consider myself as a oldschool player and i've played servers like RFPoA and one of the first official ccr servers.

    I'm currently graduating from university and I want some game to fill my spare time so why not come back to the game i've spent millions of hours playing as a teenager.

    I'd like to ask you where are the rates for the server and what races are in need of players right now.
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Hi Prophet Welcome!

    is a High Rate server, with 85 cap level, and level 90 for max items, right now the race with minimal population is Bellato Union, try to pick this race, you can be a big help to them, since you are an oldie player, and before you jump into the game, just spare some time to read the Rules implemented in the server, to avoid yourself from any issue's in the future.

    Just click those link below for your reference.
    Server Rules
    Forum Rules
    Trade Thread Rules
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  4. For other info about the server, try to read this thread as well, this guide can help you alot.
    evolution in the game
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  5. Welcome to the server! If you have any questions send me a message! Im from cora and feel free to join us just hit me up so i can help you :)
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  6. why so old account... creation time 2012 how nice
  7. welcome to acc 2v1 :)
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  8. hi there nice to meet you ^l1
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  9. Hello friend. I am the current Race Leader of Cora Alliance now. We are glad to have a returnee player like you.
    The race which has the few pop is the Bellato Union.
    But old bell player has returned nowadays.
    Acc is on the state of 2 vs 1 Due their population.
    Cora has few number too but we can play fair against the odds.

    Hope you have a good pic.
    --- Post updated ---
    Boss so nice warm welcome to the returnee <3
    More power
    --- Post updated ---
    For what we observe now. bells instantly raise their number. ACC has the number but most are on afk. cora few number but all moving.

  10. I'm thinking on joining u guys. question is: class? u in need of rangers?
  11. In need of mage nowadays. few mage. and few pro mages.
    --- Post updated ---
    Our door is wide open to those new on the server.
    Ask and being answer.
    Ask for help and we will help.
    items? minor items will be given as much as possible.
  12. join acc bro they need players

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