IT seems no one likes to use 75 armors

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    It seems no one likes to use 75 armors, which was its the same effort and cost to make 85, my suggestion sir can it be possible to make 75 armors a little interesting to players like making it another version of the dark set and white set before, just give a little something at least making this set to be a little interesting because effort in making this set and the cost is actually pretty much the same. probably making this as damage set and 90 set as def set because that should be the pattern. people will still love 75 set, not making as nothing...
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  3. yeah same method like before the patch
    as if SS armors = 75armors and 70 armors = 90armors
    = seems legit
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    yeah same method like before the patch
    as if SS armors = 75armors and 70 armors = 90armors
    = seems legit
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  4. a bit agree but about changing the effects no.. maybe at least change the skin of it and make it a very good costume.
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  5. 75 SS armor that would be great just pure attack like SS armor lvl60 no need to use master chips just lgs and talic (Manual upgrade)
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  6. GM can this be possible? pls...
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  7. GM's got nothing to do with to change the effects or even the skin of the 75 Armors only @TRON can change it.
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    I still love and always use level 75 armor. Well bcoz this set is the best set i have now. He he he. I dont know what people thinks about it but I'm be grateful about everything that I have. As long as I enjoy the game its fine. Of course better make lv 90 set armor for the best one but using 75 set is not bad at all. This is just my opinion.

    I tried dive google world to find armor 75 skin but no idea til now. Different with Armor 90 that i think has same source with armor 63 and 70, u can find a lot of skin there.

    keep enjoy ur game guys
    see u soon

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  9. but i think GM can help by suggesting this to tron..I know he might probably listen to it...Thanks GM Snoop ^_^
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