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    ~ Jtrailgun's Official Thread ~

    Welcome to my thread
    let I introduce my self
    ~ jtrailgun ~
    is my penname
    visit my facebook profile @ facebook.com

    and visit my youtube channel here

    ~ I am Indonesian Player ~

    loyal at Bellato side
    and ex-Guild Leader of KaMiKazE
    trustworthy and have good attitude is important for me
    my motto here is "when you show and give your love to others, no one can stop you"

    this thread I made for keep story of me on rfolympic
    and collect everything that I think useful and valuable
    closing, see you @ the stage and enjoy our other world

    this is my s|b|t & upgrade proof thread
    [go to page]

    ~ the best record of mine ~
    ∞ 15x CB ∞
    ∞ 9x touch down|6x failed ∞
    ∞ 4x council|3x striker|4x defense|5x support ∞

    ~ status ~
    ∞ hibernate ∞

    ~ photos of mine ~
    [Fatima] ~
    the most pretty holy chandra
    [ proud be bells | proud be hc ]
    still in construction, wait for new update

    updated jan 25th, 2018

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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

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    Raani protect CB

  4. donor item to me pls,
  5. wow i think this player is rich, please gimme xtra items mr. wad
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    to bad , i just ordinary player with free elems :bn:

    i think items that i have, u have its more than one :by:

    --- Post updated ---
    Raani Got CB

    --- Post updated ---
    there is me ~ doing heal and refresh ~ so pretty my lovely char
    i proud can support leader of bells
    thanks for record this clip
    this is the best ever cw i attend
    proud to be bells ~ proud to be HC

    [death for others life]

    [save file]
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  7. waaah. Why am I not in any of these? XD
  8. go make the one , buddy
    this will be awesome if there is place to write everything
    about our feel , experience , and ideas

    this is not about show up , but how about to be real us
    no fake no lies just the real one

    ~ buahahahahaha ~
    keep enjoy and stylis

    --- Post updated ---
    NeutralB0123.jpg NeutralB0137.jpg NeutralB0146.jpg
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  9. ~ new update ~​
    --- Post updated ---
    . more picture more thing to remember .
    . i will miss these so much .

    Resources0051.jpg Resources0058.jpg NeutralB0158.jpg Resources0062.jpg Resources0095.jpg Resources0079.jpg Resources0082.jpg Resources0075.jpg Resources0090.jpg Resources0094.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    ~ update nov 23th, 2017~

    Resources0001.jpg Resources0002.jpg NeutralB0002.jpg NeutralB0004.jpg NeutralA0001.jpg NeutralB0022.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    ~ update jan 25th, 2018 ~

    Cora0000.jpg NeutralB0006.jpg Resources0000.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    ∞ online but offline ∞
    afk often, focusing on study, wish me luck

    good luck bells
    --- Post updated ---
    ∞ Keep Strong Bells ∞
    loneliness will be gone when you beside me

    --- Post updated ---
    ~ the only one bellato cb on Jan 22th - Jan 29th, 2018 ~


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  10. Glad you've had so much fun on the server, looks like you've had a very fulfilling time here. Best of luck on your studies!
  11. Thanks sir. this server is the first RF server i life. I joined on March 2016, i got a lot of feeling and friend here. 2 years pass, i need back to finish my thesis.
    Wish me luck.

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