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    ~ Jtrailgun's Official Thread ~

    Welcome to my personal thread
    let I introduce my self, my name is
    Jawad Taqi and Jtrailgun is my penname
    visit my Facebook profile @facebook.com/jtrailgun and visit my YouTube

    ~ I am Indonesian Player ~
    my main chars are Anyelir and [Fatima]
    loyal in Bellato Union
    Guild Leader of
    •¤•The°Myth•¤•, and Guild Leader of •¤•Shelter•¤•.

    I have a lot of char in the game but people always call me "wad".
    No matter what IGN I use, if you call me I will say hello to you.

    Trustworthy and have nice attitude is important for me.
    My motto here is
    "think you are exist ? loyal is consequences".

    These are my s|b|t thread, upgrade proof thread, and trading proof thread.

    ~ the best record of mine ~

    ∞ 28x CB ∞
    ∞ 20x touch down|8x failed ∞
    ∞ 5x council|5x striker|5x defense|9x support ∞
    ∞ Anyelir's CPT on 1st Rank Server ∞


    ~ photos of mine ~


    [ proud be bells | proud be battle Healer ]

    stay stun for new update
    ~updated january 2nd, 2019~

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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

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    Raani protect CB

  4. donor item to me pls,
  5. wow i think this player is rich, please gimme xtra items mr. wad
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    to bad , i just ordinary player with free elems :bn:

    i think items that i have, u have its more than one :by:

    --- Post updated ---
    Raani Got CB

    --- Post updated ---
    there is me ~ doing heal and refresh ~ so pretty my lovely char
    i proud can support leader of bells
    thanks for record this clip
    this is the best ever cw i attend
    proud to be bells ~ proud to be HC

    [death for others life]

    [save file]
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  7. waaah. Why am I not in any of these? XD
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    go make the one , buddy
    this will be awesome if there is place to write everything
    about our feel , experience , and ideas

    this is not about show up , but how about to be real us
    no fake no lies just the real one

    ~ buahahahahaha ~
    keep enjoy and stylis

    --- Post updated ---
    NeutralB0123.jpg NeutralB0146.jpg NeutralB0137.jpg NeutralBS10031.jpg NeutralBS10012.jpg
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    more picture more thing to remember .
    . i will miss these so much .

    Resources0051.jpg Resources0058.jpg NeutralB0158.jpg Resources0062.jpg Resources0095.jpg Resources0079.jpg Resources0082.jpg Resources0075.jpg Resources0090.jpg Resources0094.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    ~ update nov 23th, 2017~

    Resources0001.jpg Resources0002.jpg NeutralB0002.jpg NeutralB0004.jpg NeutralA0001.jpg NeutralB0022.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    ~ update jan 25th, 2018 ~

    Cora0000.jpg NeutralB0006.jpg Resources0000.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    ∞ online but offline ∞
    afk often, focusing on study, wish me luck

    good luck bells
    --- Post updated ---
    ∞ Keep Strong Bells ∞
    loneliness will be gone when you beside me

    --- Post updated ---
    ~ the only one bellato cb on Jan 22th - Jan 29th, 2018 ~


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  10. Glad you've had so much fun on the server, looks like you've had a very fulfilling time here. Best of luck on your studies!
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    Thanks sir. this server is the first RF server i life. I joined on March 2016, i got a lot of feeling and friend here. 2 years pass, i need back to finish my thesis.
    Wish me luck.
    --- Post updated ---
    Save moment before gone, my other shot on last event, on Aug 22, 2017.

    --- Post updated ---
    Thanks for who said happy birthday to me. I am so happy. i still feel it till to day.
    2 years pass i play this game, sad and happy make my journey more colorful.

    And special on that day, i was making an event for bells, cb prize and mauer salary gift.
    This is only I can do for share my happiness.
    The prize is only available on 2nd cw @ 10 pm chip war.
    The result is bells got last hitter.
    Ggood job for Altura who the one of mauer there.

    The details of the prize are
    CB : 10 stock MC A
    TD : 99 pcs MC B and 99 MC S and If Mauer got CB add 4B dalant for repairs
    Mau Salary : 99 pcs MC A and 50 pcs LGS

    This video I made for a proof that salary is delivered and keep the moment on my memory
    Video trading cb prize still undone bcoz Altura was off when i made this video

    I hope we enjoy and ofc, we can share our happiness.
    bcoz no one cant stop it
    --- Post updated ---

    ^l13 safe file ^l13
    --- Post updated ---
    ~ update may 26th, 2018 ~
    Resources0000.jpg NeutralB0003.jpg
    --- Post updated ---
    --- Post updated ---
    ^l24 [` I N A C T I V E `] ^l24

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