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    Can I ask about the 3D elems ..?
    what if I combine 3D elem will be 100% successful ..?
    I am very interested in the BBB Leash Elem ..

  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. can you translate that in english so we can reply to your question
  4. sory for that...
  5. mahkel combined 3 pcs Brothers elems to get BB leash

    but i dont know if its 100% success rate

    he told us the first try was broken dunno if he's joking or not >.<
  6. aw ..

    very hard to get 3pcs elems brother .. :bm:

    whether if it fails to destroy my brothers elems 3pcs at once or just one ..? :bc:
  7. i read something like this in a different forums they say it's 100% accurate that the upgrade is a success gonna find the link and pm you it =p .
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    wow ..
    thank you sir ..
    I am very happy to hear this..
    :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
  9. It's 100% success man. Don't worry. I have a friend who did it already.
  10. ok there goes for the 100% success 2 people are telling you now XD
  11. no guts no glory men! combine it now! hehehe
  12. :bh: :aw: :bh:

    I hope I was also fortunate :bp:
  13. it is 100% , and btw damn ur rich *slur* :)
  14. hahaaa
    thanks for the spirit :bd:

    I just want a little bit stronger just like you :bt:
  15. my tanker only use 10%def 10%hp ring/amu at cash shop:ag:
  16. in my 6years of playing RF.. i haven't heard of the 3D elems failing in creating BBB leash... correct me if im wrong, it should be 100% chance in combining them..
  17. ouwkie..
    I will try to combine 3D elems .. :af:
    let's kill SilverrSurfer hehee .. :ap:
    but this may not be strong enough to kill you .. :bv: peace
  18. and plus a beautiful light 'Support Team' :aj:

  19. LMAO.... ehehehe :cb:
  20. so what's the news ?? did you already combined it or what XD
  21. combine it cmon LOL.... BBB LEASH ahahaha

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