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  1. yea , im waiting for him to post the results XD
  2. :bq: la laa laaa....
    I would shower and then eat to make it more successful :cb:
    I'll post the results later :ag:
  3. showering will shower your luck away. dont take a bath for 1week! youll get lucky! +6SS armors and stuffs:ag:
  4. just do it man XD . im still waiting for the result D:
  5. yeah... combine it now LMAO....
  6. gawd , is it done yet? XD
  7. it has 100% success rate............goodluck
  8. You should be aware that bbl leash is useless without his brothers
  9. I will gather others gradually elems, just be patient a little :bg:

    how my last bid, do you agree? :cb:
  10. just combine it so you'll know
  11. prolly non , imo they put the bbl leashed there to be able to buy it a at lower price if your buying it for credits than making it ingame =p
  12. why waste $50 on bbl if you can 40% atk set for $40 :p just saying ;)
  13. brothers elems are permanent its an investment
  14. because the donate elems is only for 1 month.
    the brother's elems is permanent.
  15. now you know @[email protected]
  16. sir does the bbleash can be broken into 3d?
  17. No. Wrong thread. You can send us a private message if you need in game information or tips. This is an old thread.
  18. gm ace why website of rf olymphic i can't vote pls reply
  19. This is an old post. What do you mean by you can't vote?

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