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Mcs at mining but talics @ monster drops

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  1. Dear the honorable Si Tron, the staffs, GMs, and players in this RFO i have a suggestions for mcs and talics here. The drop mc abc @ monster are good idea but also theres also impacts on this, so i have suggestion that mc really need just in mining only and also my suggestion here doubling percentage rate and also doubling pcses got that mc but of course each type mc abcs not same percentage rate. For the talics how about talics drop from monster all talics drop in same monster but the monster also got powerful in the same time. Mc is the first supply to making weapons and armors 75/90 but also mc rare resources for making weapons and armors, the second supply is talics. True talics is really fcking needed for upgrading weapons and armors but talics can acquired easier than mc but talic needed many for upgrading, talics easier so why not making talics drops @ monster? If any all of u read here have same or have some ideas we can discuss here even sir tron, staffs, GMs, and players M(_ _)M. Sorry RIP english
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. We already thought about this, about the impact and the fluctuations in game. However, things are not yet final we can still update and discuss things.
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  4. Thank you sir/mrs ace i hope this game next updates will be much better m(_ _)m^l9
  5. Great answer things not yet final and discuss. But some staffs made me wrong. If things aren't final. It should be open for suggestion. That staff who answer me that way make us sad

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