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    B e l l a t o U n i o n L e g e n d G u i l d

    A House and A Home for Indonesian Players

    ~ bhineka tunggal ika ~
    ~ different but one ; one but different ~


    Guild Leader



    Guild Rules

    ∞ Always Do Every Guild Master Command ∞
    ∞ Respect ∞
    ∞ Active ∞
    ∞ Loyal ∞
    ∞ Homie ∞
    ∞ Humorist ∞
    ∞ Can be Trusted ∞
    ∞ Don’t be
    ∞ AFK on Our Basecamp [in front of gate keeper] ∞

    Guild Activities

    ∞ Jade Hunt ∞
    ∞ PB Run ∞
    ∞ Gathering ∞

    ∞ Support Bells ∞
    ∞ Attend CW ∞

    ∞ Joke and Laugh ∞
    ∞ Selfie ∞

    ~ Our Guild is Active in Council Election Every Week. Get ready!!! Prepare Yourselves and Your Stuffs ~

    Consequences to be Council

    ∞ At Least Attend CW 2/3 All Day ∞
    ∞ Ready for Every Request of JH and PB Hunt ∞

    How to Join ?
    ∞ Find Guild Leader or Senates ∞
    ∞ Introduce yourself to them ∞

    ∞ Always Keep Good Name ∞
    ∞ Always Communication with Good Attitude ∞
    ∞ Enjoy the Game ∞

    KaMiKazE Official Facebook Group Page
    [check it out]




    ~ Guild Activities ~


    ~ Players Gathering ~


    [still under construction]
    november 29th, 2017

  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. :ab:

  4. :az::az:​
  5. for indonesian only?
  6. --- Post updated ---
    Yes Buddy.
    Im pretty sure said @ guild description.
    We, Guild Leader and Senates agree to make our guild a place for gathering and basecamp.
    We hope we are enjoy to play this game, especially for us.

    I recommended for you to join other guild that have honor status.
    Coz they have active member.

    Hope u enjoy this game like we are.
    See u on the spot.

  7. join guild pls
  8. ~ update november 23th, 2017 ~


    NeutralB0009.jpg NeutralB0010.jpg NeutralB0012.jpg NeutralB0013.jpg NeutralB0014.jpg NeutralB0015.jpg NeutralB0019.jpg NeutralB0008.jpg
  9. lol GG my char BCC xD

  10. What ur ign @ bells bro?
  11. you dont know my ign??
    --- Post updated ---
    OMG open your eyes
  12. which one ? show me plz
    i already open my eyes
  13. This guild only for Indonesian, I think it'll be better to make official thread in foreign language section.

  14. Thanks for your suggestion mate
    well, because this thread about guild and at bells side
    i put on guild bellato categories base on thread purpose

    lets meet on the game and make something fun

    dont forget to drink our coffee
  15. ohhh INDO players never though xD
  16. ~ u know us now ~
    ~ ho ho ho ~

  17. Yoo^l11 [2nd part]

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