"Kiss my ash" is bannable now huh? Please explain this GM who ban me.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Siddhartha, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Can a GM take a look at this? How is this a insulting mother? Please explain why I was banned and been accused of Insulting Mother. I was really talking to my self at that time. See the distance between this Volt and me. Jeez -________-"
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  3. hahaha sid i thought you said its ok? you still have life unlike the others sad life? xD
  4. Yeah. I was a little pissed because, for some reason I was banned by a GM and the reason is, ( Insulting Mother ) I wanna see proofs.
  5. Is this enough proof for you.

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  7. We were joking around. We laughed after that. I know he's a GM. He's a friend also. Ask him if you want
  8. I dont think that even, when you're joking around, we shouldn't be including our mothers.
  9. hahahaha

  10. +1 rules is rules
  11. Joke or Not, still it's not allowed, as much as possible We GM's avoid banning Players, that is why We keep on reminding everyone to read all the Rules and comply with it. If you got caught or reported the next thing gonna happen is you getting ban, the banning period is correspond to the gravity of the offense you've done.
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  12. Should you have atleast given me a warning? -___-
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    What about Bertod huh? He did the same thing as me. He even used race chat. Its his 2nd offense. Why is he unbanned? What about me? Please explain that.
  13. Repeatedly reminding everyone to read all the existing RULES in the Server, for you to avoid this kind of situation is enough already.

    Im not the GM who banned him, so I have nothing to explain about his case.
  14. OMG Sid, you're begging. ^l9
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    im just wondering why you people keep on using that phrase, knowing its forbidden to use. is there something special about it, does it make you feel more better if you used that phrase to someone else. if you are mad or hate someone there is a lot of phrases that can be used without getting you into trouble.
  16. Hahaha Begging me please xD..

    Do not talk badly about your race or other race so you do not know if you know the rules ok ...

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