Letorn first guild to down sealed and elven pb!

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  1. From what I know.. we're the first guild to take down Sealed Teledeon and Elven land PB. Here's the video of the PB run and the 9+ dagnue we took down.

    watch it in HD!!

    Comments are appreciated.

    First to do it on CCR. First to do it on Olympic.

    Demensional PBs.. watch out!! We're coming for you!
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. lemme be the 1st one to post comment...

    HOLY SMOKE. HOLY SHIT. That is PURE AWESOMENESS. I, in my heart personally salute you guys. You are truly amazing. Keep it up. I wish cora and accre can do like this too. XD

    Let the Will of Fire continue to light.

    More Power to RF OLYMPIC.
  4. dagnus are like doing HQ pbs...
  5. Sorry.. couldn't include the shot where u got killed. I'll add it to the video next time.
  6. pew pew pew and down goes dagnu. lol
  7. midgets could down any pb with a good tank and 2 or 3 HCs >.>


    Almost done here
  8. wow

    this is realy awesome:ae:
    seriously bellato rocks the server
    but i am acc
  9. nice freakin awesome
    i wish acc will do that sometime :au:
  10. no need to thank us from saving you 2 credits every time you plan on going to OCL :)
  11. LoL @ the last part

    IGN: DaveChapelle - "I'm rich bitch!"
  12. loled at your sig
    i love that show
  13. love the last part with mya ahaha
  14. good job xD
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    L.E.T.O.R.N officially owns RFOlympic.. the rest of us are just tools kept away in their attic..
  16. Congrats!

    Just one thing...Those dagnue in Outcast are not meant to be killed, please don't do it again or you will be banned.
  17. One thing from me too!

    We Asked a GM and got permission to Drop those Dagnue's in Outcast Land. So don't blame us for something we got permission to do.
  18. we got the "ok" to drop those Dagnus in OCL
  19. I'm not saying that i'm going to ban you this time, so i don't care if you got permission or not last time, I said "Please don't do it again or you will be banned" which means in the future.
  20. lol nice one
  21. *shrugs shoulders* meh

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