Leveling Guide 65 - 80

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  1. 66-72
    • 66-69(only) NF1 or NF2 around 3 days you'll be level 70.
    • 70-71(still red kukra's) Join party at SETTE much better.
    • You cant solo anymore must join PL at SETTE.
    • You can grind at culdron(Hum-Baba's, Um-Baba's, Draco) so easy MUST CHANGE TO BLOCKER TYPE at least 70+6 CR set and get a spear at least 70+7.. lure all in cave approximately 0.6%-1.0% at solo. (with 75K defence up you're be immortal there)

      ....already tried dodge type and too bad cant handle with many mobs gauge down instant dead with warrior gauge down still mobs cant kill you(Hum-Baba's, Um-Baba's, Draco)
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. the dodge works sometimes, 226 dodge could somehow survive it. :D
  4. Now I see why all of ny friends wont play here again, its like playing the retail rf. Came back two days ago now im goin to quit....again
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  5. haha dunno how to reply
  6. kukra mobs are not there anymore, no one does PL in cora sadly

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