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  1. from 8pcs in just 30 mins to 0 real quick huhu beri sad now its me cryin' in silence please do update us if the drop rate being increased. HOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOIS COMMENT NOW HAHAHHHHHAHAHHAHA
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Well yesterday 4 hours mining and farming babas at the same time i got 3MCC and 3 MCS.
    Today 4 hours mining i got 0MCS and 9 MCC.
    I guess its all luck but i agree all the MC's should be back from ore. Right now no one is mining and no one cares for CW's anymore...
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  4. That`s Damn hard to farming mc-c and mc-b plus raiders disturbing you to farming sad life...i hope ADMIN TRON is back to ore mc`s to ore..
  5. Putting back masterchips in ores to me will result again for people rolling to winning race just to do mining. Its not a resolution in making this server alive.

    The idea of having masterchips as loots in some maps are great.
    The downside of the update is that the drop rate does not entice players to farm.
    I tried it and its not worth it.
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