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  1. Recently the Facebook management deleted my Facebook Account due to it's Name Content I tried several methods to recover and change my Facebook GM Account but it reached to the point where in Facebook required me to Submit an idea to verify my identify, unfortunately I wasn't able to recover my GM Facebook Account most of my contacts were their. Facebook seem to have their security and rules implemented strictly so here I am making another announcement and very much hoping that Facebook will not un-publish my account again. As you can see my Facebook account was in active for for months, we all know the reason why. I'm making this announcement also to make sure that NO ONE will ever get fooled by scammers.

    So, from here on I will verify to everyone that I will be officially using this Facebook Account. If you have any concerns or if you want your questions to be answered as quickly possible you can contact me here.

    Ace Olympic

    You might want to log in first to proceed. Feel Free to add me and also please let me know who you are in game.

    Here are some things that GM's don't usually do:

    In social medias; 1. GM's will never ask for your information
    2. GM's will never ask items nor beg for items
    3. GM's will never host an event unless we announce it here first in Forum
    4. GM's will never give out items
    5. GM's will never give free credits unless it's an event announce here in Forum

    Remember those things we told you players to avoid further problem.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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