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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by julesmaldito, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. ign : auliasavera12
    race : cora
    Tanks for IGN: QuickBooks/QuickMagus
    LoneMute/Piloted by daughter most of the time (english speaking only)
  2. a total dumbass, all your answers are irrelevant hahaha, read properly before you respond idiot hahahha. this dick head, every time he got corner, he always bring up different topic/issue to cover his stupidity, what a dumb dumb hahahhaha

    apply this dumbass.
    more talk - more mistake
    less talk - less mistake
    no talk - no mistake
  3. crimebuster and rodel, i appreciate both of you for showing care in this server by providing your feedbacks and making our forums lively with your heated arguments however i would further appreciate if you both refrain from using this thread as a space to continue your arguments that is not aligned with the thread’s purpose.

    You may post it via flames of hell thread instead.
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  4. actually this thread is a good one, but every time i saw that person comment baselessly, i couldn't help myself to react, becuase most of his response are irrelevant to the topic hahahaha
  5. Please stick to the initial issue/concern "DROP RATE". The idea of this thread/discussion is to share your insight and experience about the new update on "MASTER CHIP drop rate". If you want to discuss something else, then start a new thread concerning your problem and flame on!
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  6. Agree

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