[Newbie] How to build tower without Excelsicor ?

Discussion in 'FAQ & Guides' started by greymonster, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. I want to ask where do i get excelsicor for build lv 65 tower...
    Can i solo boss with 4-5 tower ??
  2. you can buy excelsior at CP via website, you'll need vote points though
  3. yah, you need to get White Excel first from the website through voting, or maybe you can buy it from someone in-game.
    Yes you can solo PB, but not all of them, I tried it before and I can say at least PBs @HQ are soloable, it still takes too much effort though. If you want to go solo, I suggest go solo Blood King Tweezer, minimum towers 3, or 2 if you yourself can deal big damage on it, I hunted Blood King Tweezer almost everytime it spawned in the olden days, I never do it again since I've become bored of it though. Try to get the spawn time so you can get it first.

    P.s. PBs are not yours, so don't be mad if someone took them down first, you might get one of them everytime it spaws or maybe you just don't. Goodluck! Hope it helps!
  4. Hi! I feel sorry to say you posted in a wrong section. I'm moving this to FAQs & Guides.


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