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  1. reporter IGN: Makaluma
    reporting player IGN; hq19
    elan trapping

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  2. reporter ign: []UruharA[]
    reporting player ign: GTX1080TI
    reason: G-word
  3. Reporter IGN: [Jack20]
    Reported IGN: Mugs
    Violation: Insulting Mother
  4. Reporter IGN: 1hitKO
    Reported Player's IGN: [Nancy]MomoLand
    Violation: G word(in filipino)

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  5. Haters gonna hate :) please take an action on this sir [​IMG]

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  6. Reporter IGN:SuckPuxy
    Reported IGN:iResQ[]S16[]
    Violence:not Using English all chat aNd TT on ALL chat
  7. Reporter IGN:radius17
    Reported IGN: MissChupapi / ghoose099 / jabonnga / []kissLwudi[]
    Violation: Mining during cw

    Video link:
  8. goodbye!

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    Reporter IGN : []Fedz[]
    Reported IGN : uh
    Violation : Insulting Mother

    [​IMG] Link to hi-res sc: Imgur

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  10. Reporter IGN: Xenocider (Bellato)
    Reported Player's IGN: JuneMhariz (Bellato)
    Violation: He False accused Xenocider as SPY then Chaos & Pked

  11. Your proof is not credible enough at least take a video and report it to us again.
  12. how he can PK xenocider without using chaos? is there any other way?
  13. Reporter IGN:[flamberg](Acc)
    Reported IGN:mawmaw12(Acc)
    Violation: +7 Master armor
    mawmaw+7.jpg mawmaw+7.jpg

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