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  1. HI SIR.

    can u plss do open trash talk in game

    lol. so many players got banned due to "POTA" "insulting"words without pointing. rfo is just a game. and its normal to trash talk other player haha. well its up to player how he handle it.

    if some one TT u,dont cry and post lol. reply "BETLOG. "Basic"

    "No butthurt just relax play and kill thats how this game works"

    sorry guys. disAdvantage to those weak.

    to much serious and sensitive LOL

    Rfo is Real hahaha

    Thank u and happy gaming.
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Lets not be stubborn and just follow simple rules. How can it be hard to just curse verbally while you play and not type the bannable phrase in the game?

    Not everyone who play in this game can tolerate foul language especially cursing mothers.

    Old saying goes
    “Shape up, or be Shipped out”
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  6. i aggre to this one! so players can enjoy more ^_^ because some cora just playing to other race to let other race to get ban ^_^ and making dummy forums to report. lmao, Admin should implement 1Account for 1IP ^_^ more power to this guy! ^^
  7. show your real account do not be a coward
  8. First of all, GROW UP AND GET A BALLS bro, you don't need to insult your/a mother just to trashtalk someone. You can trashtalk someone without using those words, if you can't better learn.

  9. Another invalid forum acct. Show your main and have a guts to open threads like this. Dont be a coward.
  10. Trashtalking is part of the game but rules are rules.

    You can just tell them, " Patayin mga panget!".

    Just a simple TT and laugh at them.
  11. Wahahaha wtf haha just funny bro..haha

  12. ^l31 make signature and let we see your face ^l31
  13. Sometimes im so happy i can understand only english hehe..
    IamYou2 here :)
  14. You can trashtalk without using that words ^_^
  15. This post is nonsense and there is no way to disable the rules. If you can't follow a simple rule you are free to leave. We don't tolerate cancerous and abusive players in game, that's how we made it this far, 9 years of existence. Thread closed.
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