Opening LGS while AFK

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    LIKE and THANKS if you don't know it yet.
    DISLIKE if you already know it.

    I will upload the technique if i got 50 likes and thanks.

    Just joking, I will upload it after capturing it. But it takes time to upload the video since the file is too big =(.

    UPDATED: Ghost Mouse saves all the mouse action after you press record.
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

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  4. I don't know about that event. Worms is handling that. anyway don't worry this thread will not be included there. lol
  5. hehehe yeah sir :D there's word "joke" hehehe
    about the video, that will very helpful for person like me "lazy to open LGS" and the others :bi:
  6. Luckily i'm so bored and tried making +6 SS armors in may normal account, and experimented something. The video is on 65% now.
  7. waiting for this.. :D
  8. Really need this video :bp:
  9. Video posted
  10. need my help sir for making SS + 6 ? :ag: i've an experience upgrading SS + 6
    the archieve is on my siggy
    ahh thank you sir :ah:
  11. nah, that is my way of removing boredom. so i like to make it myself.
  12. oh ok sir :D
    btw...good luck :ay:
  13. On screen keyboard is in control panel. or press start up search ON SCREEN KEYBOARD.
  14. i wish i could have thousands of LGS so i can use that ghost mouse too..but unfortunately, i'm poor..

    great video gmsexballs!!
  15. btw before leaving it, be sure that it works for 3 to 4 times.
  16. will it only record mouse movment? or it has hidden talent capturing keystrokes? xD
  17. GM SB, will Ghost Mouse not conflict this rule?

    3. A. NO 3rd Party programs of ANY TYPE are allowed.
  18. lol thats nice! :)
  19. Oh, yeahhhh! Its time for me to open a tons of lgs now!
  20. what do you mean by keystrokes? it records mouse movement and clicks, that's why i opened the on screen keyboard too =)
  21. I'm glad it helped many players.

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