Opening LGS while AFK

Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by SexBalls, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. How can I get it on repeat?
  2. Sir SexBalls, how about if i watch movie on other side while doing the Opening LGS while AFK? its possible or not?
  3. Sir .. is this also applicable on Breaking Keen Talics into 5 ?
    and i want to bump the question of Gatsby ... will this program work even if you are streaming a movie ??
  4. Yes it is applicable in keen talics, same concept.

    Well if you can watch the movie in the free space left. The thing is you can't use the mouse while doing this.

    Click the Play in the last part.
  5. Thanks sir SexBalls it is very helpful! :ba:
  6. Sir SB? Any hotkey how to continuously play the ghost mouse?
  7. I seem to have downloaded a different version.

    Would you mind linking your version GM Sexballs?

    PS : I used google and downloaded 5 different Ghost Mouses, none of the repeat worked LOL
  8. GM Sexballs, can you post here the link what Ghost mouse version you use? tnx
  9. very helpful thanks
  10. DL please:aa:
  11. Just Search In GOOGLE. "Ghost Mouse"

    the on-screen keyboard...
    just click "START" -> "SEARCH" -> type "ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD"
  12. the question is that those T5's are dropped on the floor what if someone is arround... is there any chance that they might loot it?
  13. only you can loot it. if you got DCed it will be lost xD
  14. can you put link of ghost mouse ?
    and i have a question, how do you stack the LGS directly?
  15. read dctrickster post.
  16. sir how to download this ghost ?
  17. just google search it...
  18. i use Remouse 3.4.1 and Ghostmouse 3.1 for looping.
    1 thing i hate is people blocking the NPC, destroys the routine.
  19. Thank you sir for uploading that video ... imma gonna rest while opening LGS hehe
  20. one thing I hate about this, are those players dropping random items near you while you're opening LGS. :bm:

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