Opening LGS while AFK

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  1. Buy [Combination DisposableBeeper], you can do it anywhere were there are no players.
  2. try this..
    uhmm.. buy the HERO BEEPER at tool.. it's called "disposable combination beeper" then go to the place wherein only few goes... :D
  3. oh i see.. I never thought of that.. tnx :ay:
  4. it will be a very very slow process
  5. atleast you can relax without worrying that someone might drop an item nearby and cost you some LGS. :)
  6. sir, how did you make it loop? i can't figure out how. most of the ghost mouse that I download has no repeat. please share. thanks.
  7. hi guys,

    please share a download link for ghost mouse with repeat or loop. most of the installer that I downloaded has no repeat or loop. thanks in advance.
  8. for ghost mouse to go on a loop, at the end of your recording, instead of hitting "stop" hit "play" again. :af:
  9. sir I tried this, but when I play, it will hit stop at the end and will not repeat.
  10. I use GhostMouse 3.1 and ReMouse Micro 3.4.1 at the same time for looping. I Use both to make it work.
  11. how do you do it sir? please share how. thanks.
  12. waaaa item rooting fail.. I cannot loot the LGS.. whats wrong with that?
  13. thanks for the vid bro
  14. hello been reading this. but it seems some are having the same problems as me. can someone tell us how to repeat the process? i mean the LOOP? really dont know how Y_Y
  15. At the end of your recording, instead of hitting "stop" hit "play" again. :bk:
  16. sir gm why i cannot see ur video? can u give me a link if u have it? thks :p
  17. i cant loot my lgs >.<
  18. any link for ghost mouse installer?
  19. just look on for ghost mouse sir xD

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