PLEASE READ! How do I repair this ?

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  1. Hello I just wanna ask if you have encountered issues like this, please help me return it to normal, i cannot completely see the status of my items..

    Thanks a Lot.!

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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. that might be just a minor bug, unequip the item relog and check ur item after
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  4. I don't think so sir, its been 3 days already.
  5. Made a thread years back about this issue, someone bumped it up with same problem but no answer even those mods and GM... I have the same problem too.

    Someone mention about aspect ratio but I dont know how to change it in this rf. Some launcher have the option but no such option here.

    Link to my thread
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  6. your reply is appreciated man thanks. so your was still the same until now? its really annoying having not to see all the status of the items. i hope someone will have a solution
  7. Yes sir, please post here if u found a way to fix this somewhere else. I found solution in indonesian retail rf forum, they said to edit some file with notepad but i cant find the file they mentioned in my rfo.
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  8. what file was it sir?
  9. try to reinstall launcher and update again..
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  10. hahahaha i have that problem before do you why that happen? because your game is on low resolution try to run your rf 1366x768 its will be normal dont do 600x600 that will happen
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  11. Sorry sir i forgot the name.

    See the thread i linked in my first post in this thread, tried that with every screen res in the launcher windowed or fullscreen none of them works.
    Reinstall vga driver and whatever driver related cant solve the problem.
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