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  1. It's like you take my name off the list because I do not see anything, I just want information more like you did not answer.
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    warns GM ace I was inactive because I was healing from a donation I'm not playing. please take my ban account
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. you could talk to GM who banned you as long you got a reason , The gm could ask tron to unbann u and just don't do it again!
  4. well i bet its your 3rd time being banned as inactive, server got a rule 3times of commiting same action means forever banned right?
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  5. Reporter IGN : Takano
    Reported Player's IGN : JanellaRobledo
    Violation : Racist / Insulting other race
    Proof/evidence : 1507713484049 —
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  6. Oh My...
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  7. I would like to report too, this image was taken last month but still no actions!
    Reported IGN : JanellaRobledo
    Reported Player's IGN : 1hitKO
    Proof/evidence :
  8. this is normal trashtalk . unlike yours ur trashtalking those indo in IRL
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  9. You'd better send this to GM Ace, crunk or klip
  10. This was Insulting Mother, this kind of trashtalk must have penalty. And fyi, im not the one who use Janella earlier. Please try to observe too. Besides, I dont see you in Game!

  11. LOL how come POTA word became insulting mother? if he said potang ina mo that's insulting mother bro....
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    what's your IGNs guys? i dont see your signature.
  13. Dude, I know you're a BISAYA. Did you have FILIPINO subject when you were at Elementary years?
  14. i find indo is friendly . we filipinos don't mind trash talks it's normal for us filipinos to say such harsh words.
    i may not active but
  15. First, I would like to remind everyone not to reply in a thread under Reported Bugs & Issues unless it has anything to do with the topic.

    Lastly, directly translated to english:
    1.) PUTA is "Whore" ex. PUTA KA means "you are a whore". it doesn't pertain to anyone's mother.
    2.) PUTA ANG INA MO is "Son of a bitch". unlike this one, it is directed to someone's mother.

    so "POTA KA" is not insulting anybody's mother. This is so basic that its mind blowing why it confuses anybody.
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  16. Lol Tonni ur so many reazon ur 3x violate server just forever banned..i think u dont count ur violate this server u did know what is the rules gm lol ur TTM..
    make me tickle men
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    Have a nice Vacation Janella xD
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    And what are Janella's sanctions when he/she killed FLO during 3D event at Elan? I thought no pvp?

  19. Yes We have. Why?
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    I agree.

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