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  1. Since i started playing RFO i'am wondering, what can i do to get into RFO trade business, i'd like to know somethings about RFO currency, the LGS

    1- What is LGS?
    2- How and where do i get a large amount of LGS?(Always wanted to buy fine weapons but i can't because i don't know how it costs)
    3- Can i get LGS with race currency?
    4- How much does it cost to buy a +6~7 lvl 65 Intense or not weapon?
    5- What are in demand at this momment? Weapons? Armors? Where do i get those?

    I want to know those few things, it's not that i don't like beeing support, it's just a question of, if i'am alone and someone tries to kill me, i should kill him first, right?

    Since now, thanks
  2. +7 70 Weapons = 450 - 500 LGS
    1Billion Dallant/Disena/CP = 20-25 LGS

  3. I hope this answer your questions :)
    See you around and Goodluck!
  4. i suggest if you dont have enough stuff, make a trapper bro :af:

    Race : Bellato
    Ign : CasZandeR
    Guild : Superiors666

    Relationship status
    (X)waiting for a miracle :ar:

  5. lgs is lucky set of gem. that used for upgrade armor/weapon.
    you can got it in cash shop in game via your vote point
  6. Thanks for everyone, i'll start farming then =D
  7. oya how much lgs:
    1 piece elm 25 20 atack/def at cora?
    1 piece elm 25 25 def / attack at acc?

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