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    Sir Sexball

    We would love to advertise this kind of event but here in Philippines it's illegal.
    If your shop caught by an level-game facilitator or some one informed them that you are advertising or running a private server any of their games, your shop will be closed down and all your computer units will be confiscated based on my experience.

    So i Think this will be critical for those who owned a shop here in Philippines.

    Level-up games also giving a reward of cash, for those who will informed them who runs or advertise an illegal private server game under their company.

    so just be aware to those who owned a computer shop you don't wanna experience what I've been thru.

    here's what i pay just to claim my units 15units:
    1,500php claim per unit 1,500 x of my 15 units = 22,500
    10,000php fine for pirating and running an illegal server.

    PS: Sir Sexballs can u change the event instead of advertising?
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. aw...i didnt think about this one.....good thing i didnt post any here in our place...
  4. Aw Realy? I already bought Tarpolin and ready to post in computer shop which cost P300 -_____-
  5. wooot!! I wont mind...i will still post....>:D
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    It's up to you sir, this is only a friendly notice I'm only concern on my co-owner of computer shops.

    :cb: just a concern citizen here for my fellow Filipino.
  7. Ok I will come up of another idea by monday. So that all printed posters will not be posted and can still be used.
  8. Thanks bro. We almost printed out a tarp and put it on my friend's shop.
  9. btw what if i printed 10 posters? is it 50 x 10?
    man the shares are killing me >.<
  10. wew...i think my tarp isnt just equal to 50 likes and almost worth 500 php...-___-...i think its a little bit unfair to those hu printed the poster....
  11. ok i'll make it 100 likes and 80 shares to be proportionate.
  12. wow nice event sir!

  13. These took 1 mounth (with free HK post delivery) to arrive in Italy. They are perfect like di original. It works very well. Very good quality.
  14. WTF ? ! they will confiscate ?! i was planning on making a tarpaulin about this and post it in my friends net shop. but i still will make one. i will just post it in our gate XDDD

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