request event hehe "Naked Run"

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    "Naked Run"
    -part 1-

    Players must start at elan port,
    The first one to reach Rock Jaws Stand wins...
    but as you can read on the title you must run naked.
    without wearing anything speed buff, Hide/Stealth or elem's...
    event seems impossible if your the only one doing the event ..
    players must shelter in others players life in order to reach the goal,
    you can retry anytime respawn and try again.. event last 1hour....

    i can do mini event like this 1stack mc A, B, C, S prize.. but no one will join haha


    event need to be revise. no harsh words this is only a sugestion/
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. @Percuteur bro you can release it now its someone is thinking the same way..
  4. I send already to sir Tron about that Event named "Death Race" almost similar to this "Naked Run" last July 4, requesting for his approval, and on July 26, I send another request again, that is 4 vs 4 Event, and the one got approved is this 4 vs 4, the other one is still on pending.
  5. Go death race The Murderer is waiting <3 hehehehe
  6. wohooo the request have a chance of approval ^_^ ...
    @Percuteur about the 4x4 event wew whats the new info about it?
    our team and our equips are all ready T_T and then the date move :(
  7. You see it clearly, the date has been moved due to lack of Team that register in the said Event, we will be still giving another week for the others to have the opportunity to join the competition, and it will not be a Battle Royal, if only 2 Teams come from one race who will compete in this competition.

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