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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Is there any graphical Mods for this game? Just like Vanilla Mods etc. Just to tweak the visuals, I know some of the players are rocking monster specs ie. Core i7 xxxx & Ryzen 7 xxxx + GTX/RX graphics cards and others still running old pentium dual cores, But man did someone really tried to modify the visuals of the game?

    Is it really possible? :D :D :D :D
    ps. i turned the sharpness into high the names are going everywhere.
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

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    well, on rf case, i tried many time to make sharpness high, but character name always move to left side.
    its always happen on wide screen resolution 16:9 like 1366:768 , but u can see normal position when ur resolution is 4:3 like 1024:768.

    its just my experience. its not about how good graphic u have but, only size of resolution of ur game client.


    dont forget have hot chocolate when u play​
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  4. Not any that I know of, I know that there was an ENB but it looked really bad when played :/

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