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    RFOlympic Rules​

    The following set of Rules mast regulate standing on the RFOlympic server. Ignorance of the present Rules, as well as other conditions and establishments, operating on the basis appropriate decision of the Administration, does not exempt from responsibility for their infringement. When you registering account on server, You automaticly agree to the Rules and other directions.​


    All normal players must follow these rules while playing on the Rising Force Online server.

    A player must not in any way try to harm the server,or ask anyone else to do so. Doing this will result in an instant and permanent account ban.

    A player must not abuse a bug. If a player encounters a bug, they should rather report it than abusing it.This can lead to a temporary ban.

    Hacking and cheating is stricly prohibited.Any kind of program that modifies the normal way of gameplay is considered a hack. This includes bots. Breaking this rule will lead to a permanent ban.

    A player must respect game masters. A game master is as polite to the player,as the player is to the game master. The GM can decide what to do if a player is offensive to them.

    All players should stay as polite as possible. Insulting other players is not allowed, and immature language will also be taken actions against. ​

    Game Rules:​

    • Char nicknames - ONLY basic latin characters;
    • No spawn camping spawn points;
    • NO Safe zone debuffing;
    • Do NOT NUKE in the core;
    • No real money trades at all;
    • Putting up guard towers at Port-In locations is NOT allowed;
    • Do NOT make any character with the words GM or [GM] in your name;
    • Do NOT attack/destroy city (map) guard towers;


    • no latin characters nicknames - PERMANENT ban;
    • all types of dupes - PERMANENT ban & hardware BAN;
    • Third Party Programming such as Fly-hacking or speed/damage-hacking will result in a PERMANENT ban;
    • De-buffing into or out of a safe zone as well as healing someone outside of one or sending a summon out while you remain inside the safe zone will result in a 48 to 72-hour ban on the first offense. The second time will result in a 144-hour ban or worse. If it happens more than twice, it's a permanent ban;
    • Abusing turret blind spots to attack or walk around them will be a 72-hour ban for the first offense or worse, and a permanent ban for anymore offenses;
    • Any misuse of a turret such as placing them at Port-In locations, placing them inside walls, or placing them inside the core after the HSK is up will result in a 72-hour ban or worse on the FIRST incident. Because of the high level of glitching recently, terrain exploiting to place a turret somewhere will likely result in a PERMANENT BAN;

    We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

    Best regards,

    RFOlympic team.​

    These rules were modified, please go to this thread after reading:
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. please post here your ideas.
  4. Can you please add the following to the rules;
    • No turrets under a MAU ( I know its probably covered, but some assholes will say it doesnt EXPLICITLY state so)
    • No mines at a port's
    • No spawn camping spawn points ( I had an Acc doing this to me in Kartella lab, its annoying as hell)

    All I can think of atm
  5. One more thing as I've notice that hiding inside the chip and hitting using the massive size of the chip as a cover so they could not be clicked easily much more like some bells i saw parking their MAU inside the chip makes them almost impossible to target and by the time you get to click them your already repelled.
  6. i saw someone luring mobs at OC...without being hit..
  7. Fraps it and make a thread with it so the GM check...
  8. tell the damn bells to stop hiding in the MAUs and cora wont hide in the chip...
  9. so coras are hiding in the chip ?... FAIL... same for ACCs...
    btw... why bells have to stop hiding in the MAUs ? are you too lazy to blow a MAU ? or to run around ?

    Yes... you are too lazy...
  10. what? try to understand what he means, before going on the offensive.

    hiding in a mau = parking a mau and hiding under it, so you can't be targeted.
  11. so if someone eject from a mau and will be under it ( hiding for few secs ) hes going to be banned right.. ?..

    tis rule suck... coz there will be always a guy who will try to get AR banned...
  12. Ejecting is kinda different, since that player is already targeted (most likely why they ejected) and usually die anyways a few seconds after they eject.

    Even then, the only option for an AR under those circumstances are either...

    #1 Die (Actually the most common occurrence for an AR not in a MAU).

    #2 Port (If they don't get killed).

    #3 Recall their MAU and get into a Fresh one.

    The problem are the people who either are not that Specific MAUs owner or anyone using the MAU as an unfair advantage for any duration of time to fight from (i.e. mage debuffing from under a MAU)
  13. but.. you can call hiding in a mau a tactic...

    if a player cannot be targeted.. you can sacrifice few of your own players and attack em on chaos mode..
    they can run inside a mau and you can AoE em.. so that player will die or he will run... // problem is with towers coz i dont know if tower get hit if you AoE someone close to tower

    its not that hard.. its annoying but you still can rape a player hiding under a mau .you have to use your friends.. ( thats evil but... )
  14. Turrets are Immune to AOE and Splash since this patch of RFO. They can only be hit when targeted.
  15. let me get this straight, you want the cora and acc race to have to chaos up during CW to kill someone abusing a exploit? how the hell are we supposed to AOE during a push after that if we end up hitting each other and dying? plz think before you type, it will help you look less retarded :rolleyes:
  16. What about punishments?
  17. 3 strike rule?

    1st offense: 24 hour ban
    2nd offense: 72 hour ban
    3rd offense: permanent account ban
  18. Yeah this lol
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    Mines at ports and port camping should be a perma ban for a 2nd offense
    particulalrly mines at ports since trappers are harder to catch, they immediately get away from the location after setting up traps :mad: also, ppl with confusing names like (iIiIiI,!i!i!i,adgqdbqwhd) anything like that, it can be used for hacking or scamming
  20. Just make a sz in OC and BM. Around the flags or somethin at port area. Acc always trap OC port. Not to mention sit in their siege kits waiting.
  21. It was cora yesterday, so its not just acc that does it fella
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