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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by TRON, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. I actually love when someone goes inside the chip, just click the chip and aoe the crap out of it! lol!
  2. I banned some spec today for putting a tower inside bell chip....

    @samsung CahEnom is banned too.

    ShiraYumy is also banned.

    Please stay on topic and dont report or ask for forgiveness here, MAKE YOUR OWN POST!
  3. worms Why cora still camping in oc all time? u need be all day on oc port and half players get ban i mean half cora :ax:
  4. Guys tell me GM.Doom still GM? or he strat play on acc agen?
  5. He is a GM
  6. how many days is OC camping if you got banned
  7. 72 hours
  8. what is latin nickname? T_T
  9. what if someone getting banned they get the message whether it was banned temporarily or permanently, as I am now. I got banned from Sunday until now I can not login and did not know whether it is temporary or permanent. My mistake was the camp
  10. RickyMartin.
  11. what rickymartin ?? give me example pls T_T
    example of name i can use in game
  12. PLease Ban this Acc For Setterng Tower at Port of Calliana Queen... The name was [12709034940] The time is 6:40pm Philippine Time and i Lost -1992 CPt Kindly Please Update this
  13. aw!

    aw its a relief... i did accidently spawn camping, and what is says here is 72 houts right? not 72 days? .. its a relief, i will be more carefull next time.. hmmmfff.... shockZZZ!!
  14. Omg

    guys .. i do want to change race, i did make a new account and when i want to log in on site , i just cant log in on site.. whats that? .. and when i try to log on game, i can do use that account but in site it cannot? .. please help me for this situation, .. ACCOUNT: mark99 thanks!!
  15. i saw someone who did invisible at Herodian study facility & beastmountain, he knocked a mob with all his skills but we cant still see him..what we see just a bunch of skills down into a mob? no sign of any character seen

    u know when u're in invisble mode, if u hit mob or do buffs, instantly we can be seen by others..but this one none..i've seen this twice
  16. i thingk hiding on an ejected mau is some kind of strategy for bells
  17. Stop Double Posting
  18. sir tron maybe u should hardware banned those flyhacker :az: just a suggestion
  19. -no RMT (Real Money Trading)

    i think, this is good idea
  20. anyone can PB sir???
    any rules regarding in PITBOSS???

    u know how towers WORKS a LOT!!!
    im just curious why NO RULES on PITBOSS!!!
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