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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by TRON, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. No Spawn/Port Trap, Tower or camping allowed.

    we getting Ban with Reason?:
    1st Strike = 74 Hours
    2nd Strike = 120 Hours
    3rd Strike = Permanent BANNED
  2. Sir GM's can add more game RULES and make the PENALTIES more clearere or more XPLAINABLE... becoz i have seen in some of the players that are complaining the causes why they got is not clearly because they forgot it or they didnt even do that certain thing... can u reformat the GAME RULES/FORUM RULES/Penalties/ and also can u add up HOW TO BALANCE the GAME???coz i think its OVER the limit that GM's starting to play and doing OVER HELP...... cause wats the use of the phrase in the servers QOUTES... this one i min "NO PLAYING GM's"???? i think its a BIG BIG BIG SLAP in the FACE if the server that things LIKE PLAYING GM's is happening!!! hehehe...

    Sorry of my BLOODY english sir....
    hope u read this... ty.

    i have encountered 10 to more cora mages idk the specific names anymore who I GUESS are using POTS BUG (hp pots without cool down). SOME says inana are pc bug or cannot be seen sometimes healing the mages of cora while fighting. The real problem is HOW TO Distinguish inana pc bug versus a real Pots bugger because? :bn: im a mau user i dont regenerate pots so every seconds counts in PVP.
  4. They're using blood boosters. Those are especially potent against MAUs. Also, wrong place to post this.
  5. I always see player use " Talk Jade " during CW.....in my old server...who use " Talk Jade " during CW will get punisment. So, can you make a new rule about " Talk Jade ". It's up to you GM Tron :cb:
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    If I'd seen someone disobeying this rule sir what should I do, and whom do i tell with, in what ways do i respond? plss reply! ASAP!
  7. If you see some abusing/breaking the rules take a video/SS and create a thread at flames of hell and post your video/SS there and wait for the Gms reply.
  8. Can I just tell the account of the player or what? (not just by videoing it)
  9. You need Proof. This prevent others from falsely accusing other players.
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    WHAT IF?

    Game Administrators and Staff are not allowed to be Appointed in INGAME RACE COUNCIL.
    if they will be APPOINTED. they will be KICKED out from BEING a Game Admistrator. or GM!

    just a SUGGESTION. ^.^V
  11. -1 xD, ACC having some problems with RL so...
    Still, who said a gm can't be RL in an other account ? I mean, his OWN account,
  12. sir TRON to manny players not obey about spawn kiling i have an idea , why not make a safe zone in BM,OC ,ELF etc so the spawn kiler can atk in safe zone

  13. I think it's a lot hard to mix ingame maps and make a safe zone isn't it ? o_o btw +1 to you devand !
  14. hahaha thx ^^
    but its the good think than all so spawn kiler cant do her job again hahaha
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  15. what is turrets? don't know about it.
  16. Turrets are towers dude, those hawks you see around..(Dont know the name of the other races towers, sorry) which keep firin you at high rate xD

    Btw devand, i think that's gonna require more than decision, havin a safe area created in those maps is gonna require some mind... I think it's gonna take a while or never xD
  17. fly hacking damage hack and ETC = Hardware ban
    Multiple account voting = hardware ban
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    yea multi voting can cause some banned is good idea
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    TRON, my character has been banned due to elan trapping, this was out of my knowledge that its banable and im not donating yet, is there any other way u can ban The character only and not the other two characters that i have? thanks. my trappers IGN is Botwa by the way.thanks

    i think we should have in game infomation about areas where trappers should put their traps. coz i think information is lacking inside the game.not everyone uses the forums you know..i suggest use the scramble or something for information about trapping. thanks for your time.

    There are, just check the "redifined rules thread" and you will see a pic of the forbidden areas.

    This is not the place to ask for a second change, im just warning you since you already got you account banned but next time i'll give you a forum ban. You should PM the GM who banned you instead.
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