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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by TRON, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. umm how can i post some on the Recent Threads????

    cause i got something that bellatos gotta know!!
  2. sir TRON sorry if my post wrong place i just want to ask you for unbanned me, i was banned coz of RMT. it was my fault to RMT and I will not repeat the mistake RMT again if you unbanned me. Just if allowed sir.
    thx sir TRON.

    my IGN : Sniper75Jr
    race : ACC
  3. is BQ a violation?

    IGN: BlindMaiden
  4. yeah about that thing also . im also wondering if it is a violation or not.
  5. i dont see anything wrong about BQ.. nobody mention that it was illegal. nothing written about that in game rules. so why is "katerina" making a big fuss about me doing BQ for my race? im just being a good samaritan to my race.

    Game Rules:

    * Char nicknames - ONLY basic latin characters;
    * No spawn camping spawn points;
    * NO Safe zone debuffing;
    * Do NOT NUKE in the core;
    * No real money trades at all;
    * Putting up guard towers at Port-In locations is NOT allowed;
    * Do NOT make any character with the words GM or [GM] in your name;
    * Do NOT attack/destroy city (map) guard towers;
  6. You're abusing a bug. Of course, it's bannable.
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