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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by Lozzerz, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. I know almost all of the players here tried and tested 6-7B upgraders on shield but its 1/1000 chance...
    Ill give you an advice guys.
    I think almost all the player tried making 55+7 superior items using that 4-7(100% succes) upgrader in game cp too..
    So why dont you try and collect 4-7(100% succes) shield upgraders and see if its the same as the upgrader in game CP.

  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. i did try 4-7 B upgrader for shield still no luck for me T_T...
  4. Yep. almost those who done upgrade + 7 shield is by 4 - 7 B upgrader
  5. I used up 30creds with upgraders, tried all the upgraders from 4-7 to 6-7 (though I only got 7 pcs 6-7) and I ended up with nothing. :(
  6. salot from Cora also used 4-7B shield upgrader.
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  8. Holy crap! Its time for me to collect +6 int shields!!!
  9. Wtf.. it became +1.. wtf..

    I Relogged and it became +1, stunna said I video take it so here it is..
    After I upgraded it I relogged.

  10. and just when i almost offer the +7shield
  11. What the hell?
  12. It became +1 idk what happened..
  13. Can you help me with this star? I upgraded it out of boredom, I didn't thought it would go +7 though now im frustrated with the bug it became +1.
  14. im not gonna joke about this +7 shield is really really expensive.
  15. I didn't know what happened, I just relogged to see if it's real then poof it became +1..
  16. Wow it just weird, I also wonder why in the first video there's no notification like usually it happened, like "WAP succesfully upgrade sirius protector shield to +7", or u turn off that notification ?, or it's just a bug ?? i hope GM can help u with that one.. goodluck..
  17. If you're the one upgrading you won't see it, you will only see item upgrade has succeeded. :(
  18. Oh i see,... it's awesome knowing that there's an item/PPL that can be/can do upgrade manually to +7 :D... i hope ur problem can be resolved soon...
  19. Tbh, i didn't thought it would succeed, so I video taked my foolishness. XD though it suceeded, so I relogged tosee, but it went +1 instead of +7..
  20. And it did succeed :D, well if that can be applied to intense shield (intense item type), i think it's not impossible to manually upgrade the other item like hmm maybe +7 normal gloves/shoes :D, i'm thinking about try that one...
  21. hypothetical question, if I try tsukiyori's method of upgrading and I succeeded in making a +7 shield but I didn't take a video of it, will I be banned?
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