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    Hi again co players , GM, Admin im here to suggest something that may probably help the server.

    1.) suggest to fix the Temporary point bug always already been killed some players just want to farm tempos to get pvp weapon or something else one more thing can you please fix the tempo that can get if you're using pure class job not all players really wants to play cross class.

    2.) weekly or monthly 8v8 / Guild War(cross race) cora vs accre vs bells.

    3.) Change the War time back to 4 12 8 (PH TIME)

    4.) Everyday CB prize this may help to gain more players to join crag war , every time that they last hit the chip probably you can give them few credits or something else.

    5.) change color theme of armors ( all players asking for this so i will also include this to my suggestion lols)

    6.) remove belphegor tp so we can revive sette map (PVP)

    7.) summons update for cora

    8.) spec ammo for accre (make the ammo 10kquantity)

    9.) for crag war the winning race should be the target next war.

    10.) Nimble Joint Duration is too low asking to increase it also (Accre)

    will add more. @TRON
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. yep, fix the tempo :( and make a Tera Ammo (30k) for spec cus its really consuming alot of invent space for us specs Net Stun MC Viral etc etc, takes up to 2 bags for me :( anddd yepppp CW time put it back to 4 12 8, many of us have school / work, need to sleep early xD 10pm war is killing our sleep :D

    and another one, the 75 LAU set looks garbage, please send me the file of the lvl 50 LAU set skin >.> if u have any
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  4. Make the Nimble Joint (600sec) haha
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  5. give the the weekly pit boss event :(
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  6. I agree number 1,3,10 Especially number 1 to entice pvp players its really bummer when your temps is negative.
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  7. They still doing it bro. probably GM Perc is busy irl.
  8. Pm me ill give you skin
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  9. You can download in google white skin armor
  10. 1 3 7 <3 Love love
  11. 30k ammos for acc spec were requested a long time ago. If not mistaken it still was perc who suggested 30k ammos. Hahahaha
    --- Post updated ---
    Creds for cb prize is a bad idea. Hahaha
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  12. 30k ammos is good. NJ is good to ACC.
    CB prize cred . bag idea 1month cb prize event is enough
    But maybe having 100Giant Baba on the CB is enough. hahahaha just saying.

    good luck to all. hope we will be heard.
  13. temp will depreciate if your max lvl.
    75 lvl be like ^_^
  14. Hi GM Kaleb i have that skin i just add that one because some players asking to put back the traditional color white theme for armor :)
  15. There are some suggestions I've been listing down from players this past few months. All of your suggestions will be forwarded to TRON since we've already made some changes recently. Before we implement any changes we need to talk about it first and do some testings if TRON will agree then that's the time we will slowly add the changes. TRON is still busy doing something for the server and we are still waiting for him to hear a word or an update to him. He is currently working on the drop rates and some other server updates. To all players who have been continuously giving suggestions we are not ignoring your suggestions some are being listed down and some are being marked by X which means it's not an appropriate thing to be added on the server updates. We are now working on some of your suggestions and might soon be implemented.
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  16. Number 1 problem Please Fix. thank you
    14KILLS 0 DEATH.
    tempo points zero.. (Asa na ang Hustisya)

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  17. 1100 its good like othee RF
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  18. this happened because you kill only lowbies. 14 kill lowbies or same character = 0 tempo. I have 5 kills & 4 deaths = 1400 tempo. easy, lvl 71 just kill 85 = 350 or more tempo. when you die just 120 max or 90 tempo lose.
  19. ahh ok. so h0lyCrap sandking flamepredator and bluemetal are lowbie. Thanks for the info :D
  20. all we acc spec wants is 30k ammo :D
  21. what if mc A and mc B on caliana at ether that would be awesome more mobs and PVP too
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