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    If you do not care about Certain Point, and your focus is only to level up. This guide may help you, from level 1 – 50. Level 51 – 65 isn’t an easy to task to go solo leveling unless otherwise you have prepared for it. And also remember, having a BONUS POINT (vote points) will help yourself. Looting loots is also a good help if you started from scratch.

    Remarks: I only used xclass character. This guide doesn’t give a thing for the pure class. This guide is simply to help you go leveling solo. Base class x Shielder, provides you a great HP thus helping you go tank.

    Selling your starting weapons, and potions (chargers) will give you 170 dallant. Which is very low, so better loot items as you go leveling. Use wind elven blade, it gives you speed, while leveling.

    Bellato Race:

    A. Level 1 – 7: Young Flymm, Flymm, Wing

    B. Level 8 – 23: Vafer Nipper, Neo WarBeast, Argol, Big Ratmoth

    C. Level 23 – 36: Cloned Carnival (the population is low, so wait for respawn)

    Teleport back to HQ and get your class. Use your [TRAINING BELLATO HQ], it’s a scroll
    Move to Bellato outpost and move to Passage to Neutral Settlement Area (Solus settlement) represented as “1” in the shown picture


    D. Level 36 – 44: Brutal

    Upon reaching 40, teleport back to HQ and get your class. Use your [TRAINING BELLATO HQ], it’s a scroll.

    Sell all the loots you gained, not sure if how much are you getting. CP which is somewhat good. But then, I go SPEC x MERCENARY and I got 99pcs protect potion quest and a shield, and sold. Using your Vote Points, buy 2 ringB of middle class, and 2 amuletB of middle class, it will provide you a 20,000 HP if you wear it.

    E. Level 44 – 45: Assassin Builder (careful, this mob is too strong that it can easily bring you down, when you reached 45 relog in order to receive other premium items like elven wind blade)

    F. Level 45 – 50: Assassin Builder (LOOT ALL YOU CAN!)


    Upon Reaching 50, teleport to HQ and sell all the loots you gained and buy items especially POTS! For it is essential for leveling. Go to HERO npc, buy your dress and WEAPON of your choice. In my case, I bought “the end” since it gives 20% HP, also buy cape (0 cp) and level 50 ARMOR!

    H. Level 51 – 55*: Buy scroll of Soul Sinder, it is a scroll going to elan. Then move to barrier grounde (* now this isn’t part of the guide)

    LEVELING 51 - 65 here is a link to help you https://forum.rfolympic.com/index.php?threads/bellato-chaperon-2.22702/
  2. hey your guide is so amazing i really like it 10/10
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