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    i really dont know if youll like this guys XD
    anyway just sharing =) i hope no one share this yet >.< xD


    heres the link where i downloaded it..

    credits to the maker =)

  2. potang ina shet... nice one
  3. LOL hahah shut up idol XD is it nice?
    me, i like it XD
  4. +10 BUMP!!!! ganda.. nice!!
  5. nice1 also trashtalking is not allowed in this forum or even in this server.

    @TS nice... looks good if your a cora. hahaha
  6. yes .. maybe its more nicer if its on cora XD ill try later XD
    but the butterfly at the radar sucks HAHA
  7. WOW!..Thanks for sharing dude..ima DL this one! XD
  8. np .. i was just looking for a green DA effect and i click this ..
  9. its for bells, look FG. its a midget xDDD
  10. haha yea .. i didnt notice that one xD
  11. is this free to download the file man???
  12. yes im using it right now ,,
  13. how to use that ?
    i dwonload that and i not know how to use that :au:
  14. cooL how it works i download already =) :bv:
  15. extract it on the SpriteImage folder on your RF folder ..and over write it
  16. how to over write im really not understand
  17. lol -.- just copy paste it and youll be ask to overwrite it
  18. im drag sprite image folder to my RF but not working
  19. NATURE INTERFACE.....lols

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