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  1. Nice cool logo i like the wing part ....
  2. [​IMG]

    nice patch hehe
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    i forgot where i got this failing aura dot thingy!:bc:
    works only for your character
    other on screen wont have this
    ill share teh link once i find it!
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    too lazy to do SS:ar:
    just try it. repatch if you dont like it

    some teaser

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  5. texture set #2 teaser

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  6. Did you made this?:ba:
  7. nope
    google made it hahaha
  8. cool texture...
  9. Nice texture.
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  11. anyone would like to create a NEW GLOW of the BOW??? and SS armors for ACC and CCC... pls pls pls

    anyone have a different DL link for the MAU texture pls??
  13. Where do i save the host thing? it says "You don't have permission to save in this location Contact the administrator to obtain permission."
  14. Try turning off your anti-virus. btw kindly put only 1sig please. thanks!
  15. Sir i have no anti-virus :D.
  16. it's too colorfull
  17. am i drunk or your sig is to large:bw:
  18. I already warned him, sadly he's not that active on forums to edit it.
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