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  1. I played again for about a month now, played again because three of my friend wanted to try this PServer.
    level my az up to 72 from 65. I leveled up mostly from HMW, thankfully I played Cora, imagine if I play those robots lol(no win, no HMW) and they say those robots are lazy lol, they just know the pain of grinding!
    At lvl 72 theres no red monster at all map, I hit the paywall! Monster that gives exp at lvl72-74 would be nice!
    Attend the event at sette once and dont even get 1 level there 'cus its only once!
    There'll be no things like donate and play for a week, players always comming back, but now they leave this server wont come back.

    And about rerollers, I tell you what, because of the leveling and the MCs thing there is no way they'll stop, no point on being loyal to 1 race anymore!

    My understanding about 'private server' is you dont have to worry about leveling up 'cus its supposed to be easy, just focus on your gear and then PvP. Feels like Im playin on retail rf here. If I have a lot of time(or the money) just to level up id play the retail one

    The grind is real here, but if this server gets more money this way, well.

    for some this post maybe make no sense but this is flame of hell, fell free to post a comment
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. I'm ACC and i only manage 1 kukra dodge type and deff type and im stock at lvl 71 im wearing 3D BBL for def, for doge 25.20aa set
    HELL EXP yeah. this is supposed to be private server fast exp.
    but it looks retail rf my time is consume just to grind oc still cant get event in kukra in sette due to lack of time playing
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  4. Yeah, i suppose if they truly gets money from this they should have sell level credits but i dont see such y it has to be this way? No purpose? Because i am really worried about rerollers and players leave for this reasons..truly even GMs probably feel the difficulties playing acc thats y most of them playing in other race in my openion..or perhaps im wrong corret me..then in sorry...thats all
  5. They do sell the experience potion, one level experience potion for 10 credit, nah...
  6. LVL 70 is good already w/ 75 armors are ready to pvp already, some are lazy only for PL on RED CAPTAIN 66~70 ! [ 75 or 85 armors and wep. are same only low difference on it ]
  7. fixed MASTER SHIELD ACC 75;
    fixed GRENADE LAUNCHER 70, GRENADE LAUNCHER 85 added 5% more damage;
    added Siege Mastery a new effect. 10 min + 100 accuracy (can use only launcher/gunner);
    update will be installed today 11.14.2017 at 20.00 (GMT+2), you need update your clients via launcher.

    -tron new patch hahaha gunner will be good again :D

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