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  1. Im just wondering... I know this is really not that important in this server but may I ask how to craft a type C weapon?

    I've tried making a type C hora bow with int+wind+type C green excelciar recipe... but the screen says item combination is incorrect, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
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  3. no hora combination on this patch afaik
  4. you can't craft type C weapon using Hora Weapon's
  5. oh... so thats why... well thanks for clearing that up for me... I'll just try again
  6. so how about making Type C lv 55/60/65 weapons?
    how to do that?
  7. You can only acquire it on Weapon Bonus Box !
  8. you can only craft lvl30 to 45 type-c weapons. lvl50 type-c weapons drop from the tc3 turncoats. lvl 55 type-c, from the vote shop... and lvl 60-65 don't exist.
  9. ow? you can buy type c weapons from shop? whats the name? and regarding armors, where can you get those?
  10. where i can kill tc3 turncoats?

  11. in elan
  12. how to craft type C weapons for the event lvl50 hahah
  13. may be this is your need :
    1. Log in your game cp
    2. Go to bonus shop
    3. Choose this one 2.PNG
    4. and you can choose what you want

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  14. wkwkwk i know that already but that is lvl 55 i need lvl50 type for the event
  15. Mostly it drops from elan pb. But u still can get it from elan tc . I got once.
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  16. Just buy lvl 50 int weapon from NPC, then buy purple weapon with the power u want (Wind,Strong).
    Go farm for gli and rare ore.
    Then u combine the int weapon with purple weapon + stack of Gli and 2 stacks of rare ore at hero and you get type C of your wish!

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