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  1. I've been out of the server for so long and i need to catch up :) whats new in RFO? :) feel free to comment below :)
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. As of now we are now currently working on re'working RF Olympic. We will give you the update as soon as we are finish.
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  4. wonderful
    awaiting news
    January it's time to go back
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  5. "Patience is a virtue"
  6. MABUHAY !!! RFO ''Long live RFO'
  7. UP
  8. To everyone quoting me click the given link and then scroll down to see the updates.

    There are more updates to come, we will work on it slowly and will let everyone know as soon as it is done.
  9. Is MC C and S still available by processing ore? or there is any update about ore content?
  10. Yes. You can still get MC S and C ij ores.
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  11. sir for my opinion or suggest we might need to add update also with the int armors at shops and weaps default +4 for newbies and also the talic for buying at talic masters near coinexchange.... and more crafting armors that can withstand not only 90 armors also other the elementals bracelets and earings in hero...and finally about the animus still just change the lvl 85 so no one will discuss after server restart..
  12. this question is already solved a long time ago, please read the forum.
  13. Any update about my CB of the month Prize?? Its been almost a month :(
  14. Go share your ign and picture ur win status for proof . So gm can know clearly.
    Up up up ^l12
    --- Post updated ---
    Im still dont see you bro. Whre r u? ^l4
  15. We are all looking forward to see changes. Btw, nice updates.
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    also sir bring back also elven weapons and shield just put lvl 90.. new armors also..and other freebies plz add more speed of 1.5 Legacy blade so in compares to wind elven sword in premium
  18. Ok, i'm back too! hehe
  19. Shablaw seu noob =)

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