why there are some cora not listening to Pe0n???

Discussion in 'Flames of Hell' started by nash_ng_kilabot, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Just GROW UP CORITES.......!!!
    Can u understand why PEON is the RL?!!
    becoz we choose him and we have voted him!!!
    why are u whinning KIDS?? bcoz RACA did not WIN and not the RL ATM??
    well if that's the point we cant do anything!! ahahahaha
    just w8 until the nxt VOTING happen....

    I HOPE PEON would realize why there are people dont like him that much!!
    I hope in the mind of PEON myt try other RACE!!!
    that would be awesome... especialy in ACC's, The 1st Super Mega Ultimate ACTIVE DONOR of the EMPIRE!!!! ahahahaha...

    All i can say to the ALLIANCE!!! "GIVE OTHER CHANCE to SHOW ther ABILITY in LEADERSHIP u MIGHT NEED those PEOPLE with great LEADERSHIP"!!!
  2. :ad:
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    Appoint me i'll give you happiness. Innovation is good.

    Butato, have you seen my cat? :ce:
  4. Wew.....
    If this the problem in CORA.... that they dont want others to become RL and they dont give others a " CHANCE" to be RL or have position in the COUNCIL...
    I hope u would realize that its not only 1 person have a chance to be in that or those POSITIONS!!! damn it!!!
  5. HOLA! -> SND soloer

  6. paul dota grrrrrr pm me facebook
  7. omg im soo happy im gonna explode XD let's play dota.
  8. yep..he dont have much xp how to nuke...

    i hate him bcoz of his appointee..
    consul - i dont think if he knows how to nuke...(i prefer rassel as a nuker)
    strike- just a new player with donate items
    def- darkrareman should be appointed as a support coz his a shielder so he can clear all the traps
    support- nvm i dont know him very well
  9. I LIKE it sir BALLS.....
    I hope in the nxt days i will see a NUKE being infront of u and many BELLs and ACC's DEAD or DIED infront of you....
    saying this words "MERCY pls. dont kill US!!!"
  10. lol let him try for him to learn. Best way to learn is to experience it.
  11. Like i always say if it's emo its cora ^_^
  12. hey balls.really like the sig :)
  13. he already have 1 week experience as a nuke..when i got appointed as a strike team and peon got appointed as consul..i dont know if he learn something XD coz his only OL at 7pm CW sometimes 11amCW and 7pm absent XD

    btw your going back to cora? your trading something bells to cora :bo:
  14. yessir, the "other" guild ;)
  15. ok, there are people like Sarcasm who thinks he owns everything and knows everything, don't mind a tard like him. He's disrespecting me despite that i'm new here. F*ck you Sarcasm and your over rated attitude.
  16. i dont think so XD
  17. it's been awhile that i didn't like loged in for years hoping that people are cooperative this time hope this time no bs and QQ more power to cora hue hue hue hue hue hue

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