will there be free OE this december?

Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by Fump, Dec 6, 2016.

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  1. as what the title says, will there be free OE's this december again? just asking :3 (if theres already a post about this, sorry i cant find it so i posted one :3)
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. I'm still Hoping >,< there will be have FREE OE
  4. For me, its better to have 1O or 15 Creds than OE...why ? bcoz it will be hard for us normal players to kill another normal players bcoz of the effect of the OE elems...with that, it will be a Boring Christmas vacation instead of enjoying. Just saying...You can also give ur comments, ilL be happy reading it..ty!

    Maybe admins will just give free OE to be fair to all
  6. well that should boost acc's pop if everyone gets OE's, or so I hope...
  7. As I remember last December, not all my account recieved some FREE OE, meaning papa TRON is also checking if those account are active or not, OE and Creds is just desame it cannot be transfered from one account or another...Try to compare this: If OE then you have many account you can easily transfer your items in your main to use them and then here we go another IGN with imba dodge...But if Creds you can only buy some VP, TP POTS or what so ever you wanted, thats only 1O or 15 Creds its CHEAPER compared to a set of OE...Just saying again..more comment pls..ty
  8. ACC or Bells? bells are zerging now + FREE OE dodge..will see what will happen next..
  9. sorry, I meant it will boost acc's pop cuz acc doesn't have any gears whatsoever, or at least im hoping it would lol. But bells will benefit from this cuz they're dodge monkeys obvs.
  10. for my self . i think players should be given the option to choose what he would have . Oe or creds . maybe thru mail . then u reply what u want . hihih . ( assuming that they will give something this holiday season ) haha
  11. hihi . can i ask ? what is Zerging ? hahaha
    sorry new to this RF Lingo >.<:ap:
  12. This one is GOOD! We are really assuming..buwahahahah!
  13. There is always been FREE OE's every december, before TRON gave candies and Talk Jades for players to greet each other but it was abused in many ways especially candies. Credits should only be given upon donating a certain items. There are events that players can surely join to gain credits. But, I think it would be too much if it would be credits because to think that there are tons of Multiple Account Users that constantly logging in and will use it for resources purposes. Players are thinking that if there will be free OE's bellato will zerg, that's the reality. Let's think of it, Cora and Acc will also recieve credits. Therefore, there are still somehow balance especially Cora when they are fully equiped the 2 Other race's damage will be out powered. Free OE's will be perfectly fine this christmas. To think that BELLATO accuracy is too low, so there is no need to be bothered.
  14. i hope "FREE OE" will be def type this time ✌✌
  15. regardless if its def or dodge "free OE" bells will still zerg period.
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    you need to make signature bro . you have 24hrs to comply or else GM will ban your forum acct. :ab:
  17. its already Christmas and still no OE's :(
  18. for my suggestion i wish [MENTION=1]TRON[/MENTION] removed the (2.2 Sec) HP potion thats my suggestion
    dont ask me wy , thats my wish:ab::bh::bh:
  19. Something to look forward to. Free HUGS from BOLBOL. Merry Xmas YaLL!!! Cheers!!!
  20. i got your point about signature.. butwow.. you gave him 24hours? hahaha lolz
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