Wondering how to play this game again...

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  1. Hello,

    Returning player here been playing since 2013. I just got back into the game again with my old toon and things have change a lot and I am kind of lost.

    I have been trying to browse the forums a bit and trying to piece together information on how to do things but holy cow, there is a lot of information in the forum that are outdated. Hope to find some people to talk to, playing in bells side and I'll try and see you all out there.
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. just OL in game sir and made ur character lvl 85 its so easy now....just ask your councils they will guide you! welcome back..there's more fun to expect with..this server is gaining its population gradually again..see yeah around in CW hehe..
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  4. ^l1 .welcome back bro, just pm me if u online. ^l10
    ~ GoTiers ~
  5. I will do so! Thanks! I was expecting people in CW this morning but no one was there hehe..
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    I will! Thanks bro!
  6. E.D wow ^l12 welcome back again ill see you on Playground..
  7. fast pl guide and farming armors/weapons

    1-30 hq mobs
    31-45 solus mobs
    45-55 elan mobs
    55-72 outcast mobs
    72-85 cauldron mobs

    since youre playing a bell toon
    75 and 85 weapons/armors/shield go to vafer shrine of haram

    for upgrading those masters items, youll be needing master chip, it can be obtain from processing the ores

    hope this will help you in your journey hehehehehe

    good luck, have fun and welcome back seniors
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  8. What is MC ?
    MC means Master Chip like mc a, b,c, and s. this things you can get from processing ore. mcs are requirement for upgrading master armor and weapon lv 75 and 85. Use MC A for upgrading armor or weapon to +4, B for +5, C for +6, and S for +7. Once you upgrade stuff, you need 99 pcs of MC.
    Recipes for upgrade are:
    [master weapon +3 part] + [20pcs talic] + [99 mc a] = [master weapon +4 part]
    [master weapon +4 part] + [40pcs talic] + [99 mc b] = [master weapon +5 part]
    [master weapon +5 part] + [60pcs talic] + [99 mc c] = [master weapon +6 part]
    [master weapon +6 part] + [80pcs talic] + [99 mc s] = [master weapon +7 part]

    ps: price a piece of MCs nowday are: a=3 lgs, b=10 lgs, c=30 lgs, and s=15 lgs. armor and shield allowed to upgrade until +6 only, please keep in your mind. when you upgrade +6 armor/shield and +7 weapon, you need to make video upgrade proof.
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