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  • go to your RFO folder and try deleting those files which failed to update. or just delete the "en-gb" folder. then run your launcher again.
    Haha! Norton, the antivirus-eater. It always blocks any new attempt to install programs, especially another antivirus.

    I'm sorry but there is nothing much you can do if you won't be able to uninstall that Norton antivirus. Just let your dad uninstall the Norton and install a working antivirus (which can be disabled whenever you want). Don't tell him you will install the RFO if it will make him angry and do it by yourself. Lols!
    What antivirus are you using? Try uninstalling it on your remove program (control panel). If McAfee there is an uninstaller available in their website to completely remove all it's component.

    Try eset nod32 as a replacement it is much better because you can add exclusion so it won't scan the RFO folder.

    Eitherway, you must remove that dormant antivirus of yours or else you won't be able to install the RFO and a new antivirus (which works).
    Do you have a smaller screenshot? Just kidding!

    Make sure you downloaded, installed and updated the RFO client WHILE YOUR ANTIVIRUS DISABLED. You will receive these kinds of messages because of missing files which are most probably deleted by the antivirus during the said processes.
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