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  • can i get ubann? i waited too much.
    7 xDevil Jun 9 2014 12:56:00:000PM Account 48 behind the flag - Cross

    48 hours been 72 and still didnt get unbann.
    Good Day Sir//

    Sir can you remove the ban now? Its been 3 days of hell without the game. Please i need to play

    - [iAmHomo]
    - ACC

    Thankzzzz sir
    Hi sir, requesting to move my thread from Haram stockade to solus, i dont have any cora items for sale anymore, thanks... thread name is Mikaeus Trade Thread, thanks a lot sir!
    Sir GM, please help me... My problems is I cant log
    in, actually I can log my account in but it says
    "error" this is the actual system error
    that appear
    {"Generic application error.
    Enable debug output for detailed
    This sample will now exit."}
    (am I missing something?)
    Sir please Ban ACC's [Zoey], MessUp , ShadowsMoon and iForgotMyName.... They are ganging on elf port killing i have Sceen shots if necessary
    Gm Please back My Acc Thats A Promoted Scammer Thats My only character ill give The item from This Owner My Name Of character is [M]aster[M]ind Gm Please Give Me One More Chance Thank You Gm ffxiii:Race of My Account Is :CCC
    Sir can you transfer this thread to Haram Stockade? I am more consistently active now in Cora than in Accretia (Hibernated).
    Hi sir. My account was deactived. I can't post :( Can you please get back it into normal?
    sir can i ask something? i'm wondering why does my thread always being deleted? is there something wrong? i do have trade thread in solus or in haram section thats been deleted.. can you please clarify me.. when im doing new trade thread its always being deleted hope to answer me sir thanks in advance
    Oh sorry, didn't noticed it was in that section.. Can you kindly remove it? I'm also wondering why I was able to post a reply and, back then I mistakenly tried to post a reply on some topic/s but ended up getting blocked.. So yea, I wonder why.. :bg:
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