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  • sir ok i deal with your staff + 7 70 and LGS = my +5 SS LR Helm,Upper,Lower but pls make the 60LGS to 80LGS.........please reply if your still interested thanks
    im sorry mamita i havent read ur PM yesterday coz im busy .. later ill log on, hope to see u in game & ur offers are still available.. thnx
    0_O why yo keep Following me yo POS! i don even know you! so stop spamming me as your nonsense words!
    i have give all my items to some friends ^^ hehehehehehe and btw... 1 thing i must say HOW YOU CAN SAY I SCAMS YOU, WHEN YOU GET ALL MY ITEMS FROM ME? o0 lolz also, all items i gave you, all are scammer items retard ^^ hahahhaha anyway im quitting, sadly i have nothing to give you :( GL nigger xD
    waiting ............ like i say, i have play over here long time ago... also i have fcked u up kinda much =) wahahaha cora 4ever man, nice raid together ;) ahahahha i will say now this since im totally quitting over here ^^ but thanks for the items and all, i enjoy them good rofl... u tought i was to loose my items ahahahaha fucker, noob name =)
    wheres ur proofs? did you see me on youre account stoling youre items? are you really sure it`s me? you are the scammer here, you try fool GM`s, dont worry, as same you send Tron ur proofs, il send mine, you just cry for items, trying to be friends of people for items, i noticed that, also, why you give youre account info? is youre responsability, i repeat that you have give to many people youre account, they scam you and now you say its me, like you say I FAIL , if i have scam you, why i was to be youre friend then? i think youre mistake on many things, and i will let Tron know all, absoluty all dude, youre scammer here and try fool GM`s, good luck whit that lol, ask them to trace ur stupid items and see if i got them :S after u can accuse, for now since im not the one who have scam you, i will also request hardware ban for you
    you just are scammer dude, you did come from RFBeast whit PurePower, you dont have nothing on this game if not was of PP, he never stole you cause you dont have nothing to stole, also, i will send all SS on where you are insulting GM`s here, and btw YOU HAVE GIVE YOURE ACCOUNT TO MANY PEOPLE WTF YOU COME TO ME AND SAY THAT IM THE ONE WHO HACK YOU, IF I GOT YOURE ACCOUNT I CANT HACK YOU, YOU JUST FAIL TRYING TO GET FREE ITEMS
    1 thing for sure is that im not PurePower, 1 thing i have pass of him, another thing is that im not really that guy, MAMITA is trying to fool you, they hide items in another accounts, after they say he have get hacked so that way he get extra items, how the hell somebody can hack him? Starburst, you can think what you want, but this guy try get free items ;) i have send Tron message anyway, MAMITA you just fail
    rawr alot thanks MAMITA u know i never have make nothing wrong at ur account :p rawr!! atleast i can raid now hahahah thanks alot and i will someday give u back all good u have made to me

    RAWR love u alot MAMITA, thats why u come here from other server whit me, ur my family here, dont forget it
    Dude that image is from Bewbies RF brazen dont use that Signature anymore
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